What to do in Wicie? The most interesting attractions of the region and Wicie

What to do in Wicie? The most interesting attractions of the region and Wicie

May 2, 2024 | Słoneczny Wypoczynek, Tourist Attractions, Wicie

Wicie, a picturesque village by the Baltic Sea, attracts crowds of tourists every year seeking tranquility, beautiful landscapes, and unforgettable experiences. Located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, between Darłowo and Jarosławiec, Wicie is the perfect place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What distinguishes Wicie from other seaside locations is undoubtedly its uncrowded, wide beaches and warm, shallow waters of the Baltic Sea, making it an ideal place for families with children. The village offers not only relaxation on golden sands but also a rich array of activities – from water baths and bike trips around the picturesque area to observing unique fauna and flora in nearby nature reserves.
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History of Wicie, our little home

Wicie, known until 1945 as Vitte, is a village with an interesting history, located by the scenic Lake Kopań in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Although currently, the population of this small village is only 59 people (data from 2021), Wicie holds a history that attracts both historians and tourists.

Genesis and development – the village, once a modest peasant and fishing settlement, has gone through many transformations, especially visible after the end of World War II when the name of the village was changed. The history of Wicie is closely linked to changing borders and cultural influences over the centuries.

Protected landscape area – Wicie is part of the Koszalin Seaside Belt, which emphasizes the beauty and uniqueness of the region’s natural environment. This protection not only helps to preserve the natural flora and fauna but also creates excellent conditions for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

Swimming area – the village is also known for its seaside bathing area, which meets the European water quality standards set by the European Union directive. This testifies to the cleanliness and safety of the waters in Wicie, which is particularly important for families with children and everyone who values healthy and safe relaxation.

Geographical curiosities It is worth mentioning an interesting stone set in 2012, which incorrectly informs that Wicie is located at the geographical center of the Polish coast. Although this information is not accurate, this stone has become a local attraction and an element that attracts the attention of tourists.
Beautiful beach

Wicie, what interesting things a tourist can find

Beach in Wicie

One of the most picturesque beaches on the Polish coast is indeed the beach in Wicie. Only 400 meters separate it from the center of the village, making access to it extremely easy and quick from all parts of the village. The passage between the dunes allows a gentle descent to the wide, sandy beach. The beach stretches over a length of more than 2.5 km and a width of up to 35 meters, offering space both for sun lovers and those who prefer the shade under the dunes. The beach is also a popular spot for photography, especially during sunset, which creates a romantic atmosphere perfect for couples.

Municipal playground in Wicie

Located at the intersection of Plażowa and Morska streets, the municipal playground is situated in the very center of Wicie, close to the main entrance to the beach. Unlike many other seaside towns, Wicie opts for simplicity and safety – instead of commercial attractions, it offers a well-equipped, public place for children to play. Parents can relax while keeping an eye on their little ones. The playground, with easily accessible swings, slides, and carousels, will be the perfect place for children to spend time engaging in physical activity and fun during family vacations by the sea.

Outdoor gym in Wicie

At Plażowa Street, near the main entrance to the beach, there is an outdoor gym surrounded by trees that provide shade and coolness even on warmer days. The outdoor gym in Wicie is equipped with four double exercise devices, which are available free of charge for everyone – both beginners and advanced athletes. Training in the fresh air, surrounded by greenery, not only strengthens the body but also the spirit, reducing stress and improving overall condition.

Geographic center of the Polish coast in Wicie, Tourist attractions of the Darłowo region

Geographic Center of the Polish Coast

This attraction, although interesting, is based on incorrectly placed information. The sign that was supposed to indicate the center of the Polish coast is positioned incorrectly. Despite this, the place has become a popular orientation point and photographic spot, adding an interesting element to local folklore. This is an example of how even a mistake can become a tourist attraction, attracting curious visitors.
Linolandia Wicie

LINOLANDIA Rope Park Wicie

The Linolandia Rope Park, located at Plażowa Street, is not just a place of fun but also an educational space that teaches children to assess risk through play. The fully safe and professionally prepared routes in the rope park allow gaining new skills and experiences that are valuable in everyday life. The rope park is a great opportunity to learn planning and independent risk assessment in a controlled, yet exciting environment.

International Coastal Cycling Trail R10

The International Coastal Cycling Trail R10, also known as the Hanseatic Trail, runs through Wicie as well as the towns of Darłowo and Jarosławiec. This trail, which refers to the historical Hanseatic League, is part of a long route around the Baltic Sea with a total length of 8539 km. The Polish section of this trail stretches for 588 km and passes through the West Pomeranian, Pomeranian, and Warmian-Masurian voivodeships, offering access to picturesque landscapes and local attractions.

The route has been designed to ensure the safety and comfort of cyclists, combining sports with the discovery of cultural and natural treasures of the region. Ideal for lovers of cycling trips, the R10 Trail offers both short one-day routes and the possibility of longer journeys.


Most interesting attractions in the Wicie area

Lake Kopań

Few places in Poland offer such excellent conditions for water sports as Lake Kopań. This beautiful, shallow coastal lake, separated from the Baltic Sea by only a narrow strip of land, invites activities on the water, from sailing to kayaking. Its southern shore, rich in underwater reefs, attracts anglers looking for pike-perch or perch. The picturesque surroundings and proximity to nature make this place ideal for a relaxing day in nature.

Unique Windmill Trail by the sea

A unique cycling trail of over 50 km leads through the enchanting landscapes of seaside villages, fields, forests, up to beautiful beaches. Along the route, historic windmills, which once played a key role in the local economy, are scattered. Today, these picturesque structures serve as cultural relics and are tourist attractions. Cyclists can enjoy not only beautiful views but also stop at each windmill, learning about their history and significance for the region.

Trail of Medieval Monuments (Cistercian Trail)

This fascinating trail leads through 11 seaside towns where you can see historic churches, palaces, and castles, which testify to Poland’s rich past. Darłowo, with its medieval castle of the Pomeranian Dukes Museum, is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. The Mariacki Church in Darłowo and other architectural wonders along the route further enrich this cultural experience.

Lighthouses and Ports

Darłówko and Jarosławiec are home to lighthouses, which not only perform key navigational functions but also are popular tourist attractions. In Darłówko, additionally, you can experience an adventure on a water tram, which connects parts of the town via a movable bridge over the Wieprza river. Water parks in both towns guarantee excellent fun regardless of the weather.

Amber Museum in Jarosławiec

This museum is more than just a stone exhibit; it is a journey through the history of Baltic amber. About 1500 exhibits, from inclusions to artifacts, tell the story of the “gold of the Baltic.” The museum’s architecture, inspired by old granary buildings, adds a unique, historical character to the place, and interactive exhibits educate and entertain both children and adults.

Cruise trips from Darłówko

Cruise trips styled after Viking boats are not only a way to experience an adventure on the open sea but also an opportunity to discover marine fauna and flora. Various cruise routes allow for admiring the coastline panorama, as well as encounters with seals and other marine creatures. This is a great opportunity to feel the spirit of ancient explorers while enjoying the beauty of the Polish Baltic Sea.

Sunny Rest holiday cottages close to the sea, Family-friendly seaside cottages in Wicie

Wicie accommodation in comfortable Sunny Rest cottages in Wicie

Resort “Sunny Rest” located in the picturesque village of Wicie invites you to the perfect vacation by the sea. Especially for families with children, we have prepared comfortable holiday cottages that are fully equipped with kitchenettes, comfortable beds, televisions, bathrooms with showers, and sets of garden furniture, which are ideal for relaxing outdoors. Each cottage also has its own terrace, from which you can admire the surrounding nature and enjoy peace, being away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For our youngest guests, we have prepared a range of attractions that will make their time during the vacation enjoyable. The resort features a specially designed playground, an amazing monkey grove with a ball pool, and a large pool where children can safely play under adult supervision. These attractions make Sunny Rest a family-friendly place for those who want to enjoy time together in nature.

Holiday cottages Wicie, comfort and relaxation you deserve

Additionally, “Sunny Rest” enjoys a convenient location, just a few minutes’ walk from the sandy beach, making it an ideal place for lovers of sea baths and beach lovers. The area also offers numerous tourist attractions, including cycling and hiking trails that lead through picturesque coastal landscapes and the opportunity to visit local monuments and towns with unique attractions such as lighthouses and museums.

Holiday cottages Sunny Rest offer attractive prices and flexible booking options, tailored to the individual needs of each guest. Booking a place in our resort guarantees not only comfort and safety but also unforgettable experiences and relaxation in one of the most beautiful corners of the Polish coast.

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Practical information for visitors to Wicie

Getting to Wicie

  • By car – the most convenient way to reach Wicie is by car. Wicie is located near major regional roads.
  • By bus – regular bus connections from larger cities in the region, such as Darłowo, Jarosławiec, or Słupsk, are also available. Buses run several times a day, especially during the summer season.
  • By train – the nearest train station is in Darłowo, from where you can take local buses or taxis to Wicie.

Tips for tourists heading to us

Safety on the beach and in the water

  • On the beach – it is advisable to adhere to local beach regulations and pay attention to lifeguard flags. Some beaches in the Wicie area are guarded, but it is always necessary to exercise caution when swimming in the sea.
  • In the water and on the trails – both on Lake Kopań and during cruise trips, safety rules apply, ensuring safe and pleasant experiences.

By following these tips, visitors can enjoy a full vacation in Wicie and its picturesque surroundings, maximizing the joy of their stay with minimal inconveniences.

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