Wicie houses by the sea – a place worth visiting during your holidays

Wicie houses by the sea – a place worth visiting during your holidays

Mar 23, 2024 | Słoneczny Wypoczynek, Tourist Attractions, Wicie

Wicie is a place that attracts hordes of families every summer in search of the perfect vacation spot. This tranquil, seaside town not only offers beautiful beaches and clean waters of the Baltic Sea but also a unique atmosphere that makes you feel at home from the very first moments. Among the available accommodation options, holiday cottages in Wicie stand out as a perfect choice for families seeking comfort, privacy, and direct contact with nature.

Key phrases such as Wicie cottages, cottages Wicie, and Wicie by the sea are not accidental. They reflect the growing interest of tourists in this particular form of recreation, which combines the comfort of a home hearth with unlimited access to seaside attractions. In this context, our resort, Sunny Rest, becomes a source of valuable information for all those who dream of unforgettable vacations surrounded by picturesque landscapes and a friendly atmosphere.

Sunny Rest in Wicie

Sunny Rest, with its charming holiday cottages, invites you to discover its secrets and enjoy every moment spent by the Polish sea. Whether during morning walks on the beach, when the first rays of the sun gently caress the surface of the water, or during evening fun with children at the playground – Wicie offers something special for every family member. Additional amenities such as a swimming pool and proximity to nature only enrich our offer, making it hard to leave and a place you want to return to.

Cottages by the sea in Wicie

Wicie by the sea, the best choice for relaxation lovers

Wicie, located in the heart of the Polish coast, is a place that gains popularity year by year as an ideal spot for family vacations. This small, seaside town hides charm and tranquility that are hard to find in more crowded seaside resorts. But what exactly makes Wicie so special, and why do families from all over Poland and abroad decide to spend their precious time here?

Unique seaside nature

First and foremost, Wicie is surrounded by natural beauty. On one hand, we have wide, sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea, which are perfect for families with children. The shallow water in coastal areas allows for safe fun under parental supervision. On the other hand, the town is bordered by picturesque areas that encourage walking and cycling tours such as the R10 bike trail, the Trail of Historic Windmills, or the Trail of Medieval Monuments.

Amenities for families

Our holiday cottages in Wicie, available, are designed with families in mind. Here you will find facilities that provide comfortable conditions for both large and small groups. Moreover, on the resort premises, you can find additional amenities such as a swimming pool, a playground for children, plenty of space for fun, or areas for barbecuing, making every day of vacation full of attractions without the need to leave Sunny Rest.

The peace and quiet you haven’t experienced in a long time

One of the main advantages of Wicie is its intimate atmosphere. The lack of large hotels and the hustle and bustle typical for larger resorts make families feel safe here, and children can freely play outside. Additionally, the local community is extremely friendly and open to tourists, which only strengthens the sense of security and comfort.

The most interesting attractions of the area

Wicie and its surroundings offer a wide range of attractions, from sunbathing and sea baths, Geographic Center of the Polish Coast, to trips to nearby towns such as Jarosławiec, Darłowo, Darłówko, or Bobolin with a rich cultural and entertainment offer. There are also plenty of places to taste local delicacies, which is an undeniable advantage for foodies.

It’s worth visiting Wicie and Sunny Rest

All these elements combine to paint Wicie as a town exceptionally friendly to families. The proximity to nature, accommodation offer tailored to the needs of families with children, peace and security, as well as numerous attractions in the vicinity are arguments that speak for choosing this place for a vacation.

Wicie accommodation by the sea in a holiday cottage for a family with children

Holiday cottages in Wicie – the perfect solution for families

Our holiday cottages in Wicie will meet the expectations of even the most demanding guests. Created with families with children in mind, they encourage relaxation and spending quality time together in a seaside resort. They can become a home away from home for many families, offering not only a roof over your head but above all comfort, privacy, and unforgettable memories from vacation.

Types of cottages and their amenities

All cottages at the Sunny Rest resort have the same room layouts and interior design, providing a high standard of accommodation. Our cottages are equipped with a fully functional kitchenette, which is extremely important for families with children, allowing the preparation of meals according to one’s own preferences and needs. Bathrooms with showers provide additional comfort and convenience during your stay.

But what distinguishes our cottages in Wicie are the additional amenities that make vacations even more attractive:

  • Swimming pool: a pool is available on the resort premises, which is a fantastic option for families who want to cool off without leaving the area.
  • Playgrounds for children SpongeBob and Monkey Grove: Safe and well-equipped playgrounds are a paradise for the youngest, allowing parents a moment of rest while children play outdoors.
  • Proximity to the sea: Our cottages are only an 8-minute walk from the beach, meaning the sea is always within reach.
  • Barbecue: Each house has its own place for barbecuing and spending evenings by the fire.

Advantages of choosing a holiday cottage in Wicie

By deciding to rent a cottage in Wicie, families gain not just a place to sleep but a space where they can enjoy time together, without worrying about the lack of privacy or the need to share all amenities with other guests. This solution offers freedom and flexibility, which are key for a successful vacation, especially when traveling with children.

Additionally, choosing Wicie and our holiday cottages means opting for a vacation in a place that combines the beauty and tranquility of nature with access to numerous attractions and amenities, making every day full of new experiences and adventures.
Playground for children in Wicie at Sunny Rest in Wicie, Spongebob bounce house

Attractions at Sunny Rest Wicie

Choosing Wicie for a vacation spot is not just about the possibility of staying in comfortable holiday cottages but also about access to a variety of amenities and attractions that will make each day spent in this picturesque town full of adventures and unforgettable experiences.

Amenities available in the cottages

As we mentioned, the holiday cottages in Wicie offered by slonecznywypoczynek.pl are equipped with a range of amenities that ensure comfort and convenience during your stay. The swimming pool is an ideal place for relaxation and fun for the whole family. Playgrounds for children, such as Spongebob and Monkey Grove, located on the resort premises, guarantee safe and active entertainment for the youngest, along with a huge open space for running, playing, and having fun.

Additionally, the proximity to the sea is an invaluable asset, allowing easy access to the beach and sea baths at any time. This combination of home comfort with the beauty and attractions of a seaside landscape means that holiday cottages in Wicie are a choice that will meet the expectations of every family.

Benefits of choosing Wicie for a vacation

By choosing Wicie for a family vacation, you are opting for a town that offers not only comfortable accommodation in the form of holiday cottages but also a rich program of attractions for people of all ages. The combination of relaxation on the beach, active recreation in nature, and cultural experiences means that Wicie is a place where everyone can find something for themselves.

Beach in Wicie, trip to the seaside to a holiday cottage with the family, The best place for accommodation in Wicie

Practical tips for a vacation in Wicie

Planning a vacation can be as exciting as it is stressful. However, to ensure you and your family enjoy your stay in Wicie as much as possible, it’s important to keep in mind a few key aspects. Here are our tips that will help you organize the perfect vacation in this charming seaside town.

The best time to visit Wicie

Wicie enjoys a moderate maritime climate, making the summer season particularly pleasant here. The most popular time to visit is, of course, the months of July and August, when the weather is most stable and the Baltic Sea’s water temperature invites you to swim. However, it’s worth considering a visit in May or June or at the beginning of September, when the town is less crowded and the weather is often just as beautiful.

Booking accommodation in Wicie

Due to Wicie’s growing popularity as a vacation destination, booking holiday cottages in advance is crucial to ensure accommodation that meets your needs and preferences. We recommend making a reservation at least several months before your planned trip, especially if you’re planning to stay during the peak season.


Considering the variety of attractions and activities available in Wicie and its surroundings, it’s a good idea to bring along both a swimsuit and beach towels, as well as comfortable shoes for walks and a light jacket for cooler evenings. Don’t forget about sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent, which may come in handy during evening strolls.

Traveling with children

Traveling with children requires extra planning, but Wicie will surely be appreciated by the youngest guests. To ensure a peaceful journey, consider bringing along toys and games that will entertain them on the way.


When planning a vacation in Wicie, remember that the key to a successful rest is good organization and early accommodation booking. Choosing holiday cottages in Wicie available at the Sunny Rest resort ensures comfortable accommodation that will meet the expectations of the whole family. Wicie, with its natural beauty, friendly atmosphere, and rich offering of attractions, is waiting to provide you with unforgettable holidays.

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