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Słoneczna 58
76-150 Wicie


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Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns regarding your stay at our resort. At Słoneczny Wypoczynek, we are always ready to assist and answer your inquiries.

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Unwind and Rejuvenate at Słoneczny Wypoczynek

Wicie Your Destination for Summer Getaway

Vacation Cottages in Wicie Poland

Wicie is a charming place for a delightful summer retreat. At Słoneczny Wypoczynek in Wicie, we offer comfortable and fully equipped vacation cottages. Our town is the perfect location to spend your free time surrounded by nature and magnificent landscapes.

What amenities are available in the vacation cottages in Wicie?

All our cottages are equipped with essential hotel supplies, comfortable beds, a kitchenette with a refrigerator, and free parking for cars.

Are there restaurants and shops near the vacation cottages?

Yes, there are grocery stores and several restaurants located near the vacation cottages in Wicie.

Is it possible to walk to the beach in Wicie?"

Yes, it is possible to walk to the beach from our vacation cottages in Wicie within a few minutes. You can either use the nearest access point or walk a bit further towards the town.

Is there a playground for children within the resort?

Yes, we are particularly family-oriented, which is why we have prepared fantastic play areas in Słoneczny Wypoczynek, including a playground for children.

Wicie, Seaside Cottages, Perfect for Families with Children

Wicie is a charming seaside town that attracts holidaymakers with its beautiful view of the Baltic Sea. The vacation cottages in Wicie are an excellent solution for families with children who want to spend their vacation in comfortable conditions. The proximity to the sea and the beautiful beach not only guarantees a successful relaxation but also provides unforgettable holiday experiences for the little ones.